The 1920s tractor bubble.

The farm tractor was still an unknown, emerging technology in the first decade of the twentieth century. But as automobiles replaced horses and wagons on farmsteads across the country, it seemed only a matter of time before the tractor displaced the horse entirely. But sometimes things happen too fast. If you were farmer, the largest … Continue reading The 1920s tractor bubble.

Poor Paul Ford

No, not Bill Ford, the “coward” that shot Jessie James. And no, not Henry Ford, or even a relation, at least not directly. He was just Paul Ford, trying to make his way. He was recently married, with two young children, living in Minneapolis. Imagine his good fortune when the young electrician was approached about … Continue reading Poor Paul Ford

National tractor demonstration

How do you introduce new technologies to the buying public? You go to a demonstration, of course. Or perhaps a state or county fair. I remember getting “lost” in my car on the concourse of the Iowa State Fair, the victim of a wrong turn that landed me in the middle of hundreds of people … Continue reading National tractor demonstration